Welcome to my webpage!

My name is Svetlana, I am a documentary filmmaker. I was born in Russia and live in Germany (When I am not on travels around the world! http://travel-films.com )

I graduated from Tver State University with a degree in Linguistics and International Communication and the faculty of Directing Mediaprogramms at Moscow State University of Culture and Arts.

I love learning and I do it every day.

I love travelling and therefore I travel a lot.

I love cinematography, camera and film-making – that is why I work towards creating films with passion and joy!

Film “U.S. Drive: Beyond control” is totally independent one. This means: I thought it up, shot myself, voiced myself, even made this page and sell the film… All alone and for my own funds. This has given me a lot of freedom! No rules, boundaries, I could make the film as I wanted. I wanted to prove myself that one person can make a film. I wanted to know if I can bring it to the end. And to the publics! The process was very long and inquisitive but I enjoyed it immensely!

The important idea I realized while finally screening this film in one of German cinemas: There is always more possible than we can imagine!

You can read about the film HERE!

You can stream the film HERE or download it HERE! Enjoy the screening!