the film

“U.S. Drive: Beyond control” – this is a documentary road movie across the USA

This film:

  • Is honest and personal, only my impressions. It is as neutral as possible.
  • Motivation for those who are thinking about their own adventures journey.
  • Made for people who like to travel and appreciate realistic presentation in the film
  • Made for the viewers who (like me) sick and tired to watch documentaries, where “a lone hero survives in difficult conditions”, while one operator is shooting his ideally lighted “loneliness” en face, and the other operator is, for example, from a helicopter…
  • This film is without a budget. This doesn’t mean I get it for free. It means I put my own funds in it. Absence of sponsors means complete freedom and absence of advertisements. I was free not to follow any rules or stay within boundaries; I could make the film the way I wanted. Such a rare freedom in the world of cinematography!
  • This film is not ideal and far from glamour. This is a slightly different look at America…


And here what this film is not about:

  • It isn’t a guidebook of America.
  • It isn’t Wikipedia in pictures.
  • It is not a “classical” documentary with ideal images and perfect sound. I shot this journey as I saw it with my eyes. I didn’t tend to embellish the reality. It was (in its own way) good.
  • No politics and social dramas! There are a lot of such films without mine.

I would like to make a film in such a way that some of you after watching it also hit the road to achieve your goals. Or take a camera and make a short episode. Or just rush with us across the USA and have fun!

Content in brief

My friend and I met in New York to cross the USA. We have been friends since childhood and have overcome a lot together. We longed for new adventures and adrenaline. And we got them! From buying a car to the prison in Las-Vegas – a wide range of feelings! But our longtime friendship could not survive that journey….

For me it was important to show the reality of travel as it was. Even if it did not meet our expectations…